Carders, such as Cardingcvv, are people or companies that use different processes to get credit card numbers. This usually includes buying payment cards from the dark web. There are numerous proven carding forums, including Carderforum and Cvvshop, where people can buy and sell credit card numbers. Users also share and test information on these platforms. Carders can cover their actions by using credit cards to purchase prepaid gift cards. These cards are needed to buy laptops and other goods that can be resold for cash. When the credit card gets canceled, the carder has often made many purchases.

Carders use carding services, such as Cvvshop and Storecc, to get credit card numbers. These forums are often hidden on the dark web, which isn't indexed by search engines and can't be reached with a regular browser. There are tools available to check the credit card status. Carders like Ccshop and Ccshopthen determine whether credit cards are active by visiting ecommerce websites and initiating many transactions. Carding can take many forms, with the most popular being a repeated use of a single card for identical amounts. Then carders use credit card holder's address as their billing address.